Where to Download Older versions of Google Chrome

With every new updates of Google chrome sometimes like all things we have became used to there are changes made that we do not like and prefer the older version of the Google Chrome Browser

If like many you are having many small problems with the latest version of Google Chrome you masy be happy to hear that a website is offering you older versions of the Browser to Download if you find the latest Version is not working just as you want it to.

Often upgrading your browser on older computers and Operating systems will cause Security issues with certain websites that have yet to devlope for the latest version of the browser you are using and vise versa.Thankfully if you are having these problems and had not had them before you can download the older versions of Google Chrome here.

2 thoughts on “Where to Download Older versions of Google Chrome

    1. Not sure what kind of browsing you do so it’s hard to give you a good alternative to chrome, Have you tried opera or any other browers firefox is good for people like me that visit the same sites all of the time. But you may find it a Miststück :) I won’t say the english word here

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