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Want To Worry Just Zone Out

I think most of us just want to worry for the sake of it and even the smallest things distract us from what is Important so we can worry about them and blame the distraction later because we let them distract us. Even before I started writing this I ran into a distraction as I… Read more »

Written On My Phone Because Mobile Browsing is Boring

Do you find than browsing on a mobile device is boring and are there ways to make the mobile internet more user friendly Sure you can get a better smartphone or use a better browser but I find myself sometimes feeling like I have gone back to 1998 when browsing on a mobile. But this… Read more »

Finding Sites Like Xstockvideo

Each time I look for sites like using such terms as free to use commercially video or download videos to use commercially for free, I get the same results all explaining the legal mumbo jumbo about creative commons licences. I see a few sites that are offering royalty free video but with a hefty… Read more »