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Are Social Media Widgets Ruining The Internet

Nearly every site has them those little like boxes and other social media widgets but to some of us they are pests here are some reasons why social media widgets may be destroying the whole internet experience. Firstly social media widgets look great on a site but the may be doing much more harm than… Read more »

Embed Your Tweet After Posting On Your Blog

Since Twitter Now Allows you to embed your Tweets I though it was a good Idea to add your tweet to the end of your blog post after you have tweeted it. Just like you see below in this post a reason for this is that people can easily follow you, retweet your post or… Read more »

Schedule Update Google +

Thinking of Automating Google+ ? Ever think about Automating your Google+ Account ?.Just the other day I wanted to upload a photo to Google+ but it was too soon after uploading another image just a few minutes earlier. So I thought it would be cool if you could upload a photo to Google+ and share… Read more »