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Mojo Chat User Experience Review

Most phone reviews online are not written buy people that use the phone on a daily basis, Should you have any problems with using this Mojo Chat Phone please ask in the Comments Section below read this Mobile review also if you want to buy the Mojo Chart phone either from a Tesco shop near you or from another vendor such as Amazon

Why I bought the Mojo Chat

Seen this one at the local tesco though I would buy and blog about it you can also buy it on amazon.co.uk and support this site. One of the reasons I got this as I liked the button spacing on the keyboard I am not a fan of T9 or Sms language so I prefer a qwerty keyboard and with the price tag I did not expect much from this phone since it states clearly that it’s not a smartphone and for it’s price I would not expect much either. However first I was disappointed since the Dummy model in store looked like the Mojo Chat had a normal 3.5 mm Stereo output jack which it does not. I wanted the phone only to play music on mojo ,Do some light web surfing such as twitter feeds and send sms messages sometimes . I will point out here some of the features I like about the phone and some I do not like you can also add your own opinions on the mojo chat in the comments.


Sending messages is easy since the keys are not cluttered and easy to touch was also able to send an MMS to my Email with this phone


The Mojo Chat connects easity to my Computer via Bluetooth and USB cable, No Wifi/3G  but when the USB is Conected you can also use the Mojo Chat as a webcam which is easy to configure for skype.

Mojo Headphones

The headset allthough it is not a standard connection seems to provide quite good sound quality, What I like about it is that when you are walking you can hear your music and Important ouds such as traffic and people talking at the same time muct be something to do with the earphone desing.

The Ebook Reader. on Mojo

You can read text only versions of Ebooks on the Mojo Chat phone which is a real bonus I often find myself in places where I can read parts of ebooks I downloaded but carrying around an ebook reader is not practical first becase they are too expesive to buy simply because I do not leave the house much (Irish Weather) and secondly ebook readers are too big and bulky.

The Browser for Mojo Chat

One word for the Default Browser on the Mojo Chat and Most Mobiles in General “Crap” I downloaded opera-mini-latest-advanced-en.jar direct link to download for Mojo Chat Opera Mini 3 advanced as I do with most phones since default browsers on phones suck for users and not for networks.

Twitter Facebook Apps

The Twitter and Facebook Apps just open the Default Browser do not use them just Goto Twitter and Facebooks Mobile Sites.

Battery life on the Mojo Chat

Since it’s not a smartphone the Mojo Chat stays charged for longer most because flash causes batteries to run low fast and since the Mojo Chat is not cabable of playing online Video it will stay charged for longer. It does not state on the Box but you can use a Nokia type Charger to charge the Mojo Chat if anything Happens to the Default USB charger I can’t reccoment any officail chargers but many of you may have a nokia charger lying around the house.

Opinon on the Official Website

Extras such as the Audio Jack for the Mojo and other Mojo phones including an Android version can be bought via the Offical Website for the Mojo Phone.  But it looks like it is still under construction many of the product links do not have images so I did not look around the site much. It also has an Faq section should you need to know more about the fnctions of the Mojo Chat you can also ask in the comments if you require some assistance first read some of the other comments if any before asking.

Sound And Video Quality of the Mojo Chat Mobile Phone

Video Recorded With Mojo Chat Directly on Youtube not uploaded

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Spending Less Time Logging Into Sites

How Many People Spend most Of Their Time Online Just Loging Into Sites

How much of your day is wasted logging into websites,Think about it just click on an email on website link and you have to login that’s all, Then you forget your password and have to reset it and sometimes mail servers can take a long time to send a password reset email. Most of the time it only takes a few seconds but when you look at the amount of time you spend just registering and logging into sites on a daily basis you could be wasting countless hours overtime.

Pick Days to Use Sites

Try using Social networking sites only at the weekend do not worry that you may miss much as Facebook will surely notify you in your email. Linked in will do much the same flooding your inbox with connections you should have and headline that you may be missing out on. Picking sites to use on certain days may also increase your interactions on these sites. For example you could only use Twitter one day a week and people will eventually know the best days to connect with you on these sites.

Use a Password Manager And Form Filler

There are some password managers and form fillers like Lastpass, Keepass and KDE Wallet. These not only save you time remembering passwords and putting in information but can also be used for bookmarking purposes. However some desingers make login pages that are not compatible with password managers I try to avoid login into such sites as it can be time consuming.

Use Multiple and Persistent Logins

If allowed to stay logged in to sites with a persistent login then use that option if you can easily remember your password for Twitter or Facebook logins on 3rd party sites then use them.Instead of looking for a password that you can’t remember.

Login to All Sites at once

Bookmark your favorite sites and open all of them in Tabs then Login to each one of them so later you will not discover afer writing or submiting a stumble upon review find that you are not logged in and your review is gone and you may not be able to write it with the same passion the second time.

Your Google Login is it wasting too much of your Time.

Since the launch of Google Plus when I login to check my adsense or analytics reports Google sends me to this page https://plus.google.com/u/0/settings instead of https://accounts.google.com/b/0/ManageAccount?nroma=1 where I can easily access multiple Google services quickly and easily.

Your Own Login Time Saving Tips

Any Tips you may have to save time logging into websites and stop loging into sites taking up too much of your time are welcome in the comments section.