Sell a Solution

Sell a Solution in Your Blog Posts
There is a potential sale in All Visitors to your Site have some kind of problem this is why they found your site because they were looking for an answer.If you write about a solution to a problem people may have this is good for search engine traffic, But what if you could make money from that solution by selling products that give all the Answers to common problems people are search for and arrive on your site and a  paticluar product has all the answers for this problem. Finding that Product you can promote and sell to your visitors is mostly difficult but not impossible.

Case Example

Take for Example a person wants to know how to change the font size in wordpress blogs. This is something they may wish to know about editing CSS now maybe they want to know more about CSS editing and if you have a beginers guide to CSS Basics or Advanced CSS Edits and Writing you could Sell these Books to your Visitors.

Selling Sometimes Works but Not Always
In the case example I gave you these would be compleate solutions to the problem the visitor may be having allthough not all visitors want to go into advanced learning of everything they have a problem with and just need a quick and easy fix. But whenever you have written a solution on your blog why not see if there is a solution to the topic problem that can sell look through your various affiliate programs that you have joined and search for products related to the topic keyword.

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