Mylikes sucks

For some time I had been getting paid to my my paypal account from mylikes.The money was useful in paying for my website hosting but for weeks now there are no offers available.The website offers you a referral reward but the main problem is that you need to refer people with at least 200 twitter followers which accounts for very few  people fact:93.6% of users have less than 100 followers, while 92.4% follow less than 100 people.

Despite having been paid from mylikes many times the ads are just cheap my CPC has gone up but the campaigns available now are useless in my personal opinion and the website seems to allow trash promotions to advertise.  I hope that in the future that mylikes goes back to the way it was and stop allowing trash ads running on the website giving more relevant ad promotion for users of the website.

I find that mylikes was a good way of making money on twitter and other social networks but it’s time they looked at what is actually being promoted and give users of the website something worth promoting.



That’s true! I also use MyLikes but haven’t been paid for several weeks now.

The problem is that they don’t have targeted ads by category.

That is why we have optical glasses ads mixed with ‘make money online ads.

I even wrote a blog post on this:

Hopefully, as you said things will turn to the better in the future :)

Cheers, Remi


Mylikes is a site that has potential but never seems to give the service it offers.Now that I have moved house it is starting to annoy me because I am paying for a download limit and it is costing me money to even check the website.Their referral program is terrible and the blog is never updated it’s a site that needs a good shake up


Thats true…Its been handy for couple of time it made couple of dollars easily with the twitter. And I have noticed that suddenly it stopped


Agreed! I made 100$ a month with MyLikes in may, june and july. But now even my CPC have gone down, and the offers are just crap. Looking more and more like Ebay or Amazon.


I got paid by paypal a few times I sure hope that they keep it up. Mylikes are showing top earners now when you go to the main homepage. I have and embeded code on my blog that will take you there.


I believe you joined too early. I’ve been on it for almost three months and have made almost $100 now and haven’t run out of ads yet. Granted, it’s not a lot (pocket change, really) but it’s a lot better than what most online websites claim to pay. I love that the minimum cash out is only $2 which can easily be achieved within a day or two.


I joined mylikes over a year ago now they show me offers and my tweets are never approved , Also Recently I have Advertised with mylikes and see that mylikes click fraud is way too high some of the people that tweeted my links only tweet ads and see multiple clicks from the same ip address. So from both an Advertiser and Publisher point of view mylikes needs much improvement thanks for your opinion Kelsey


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