Lubuntu Setup Basics after Installation

After Installing Lubuntu

Installing Lubuntu is quite fast and Straight Forward some are having a few  problems after Installation here are some things that you Might need after the installation of Lubuntu . Firstly and Most Importantly check for updates just type sudo su Input your password to give yourself root access then type sudo apt-get install updates

Installing Wireless in Lubuntu

The next step is to get Wireless working in Lubuntu I had noticed that when I ran the live CD that the Wireless Drivers were available for my Broadcom Card but after Installation, I got a message no property drivers available on this system. Also There were other errors like you do not have permission to Install.

Most of these problems are  fixed after the updates are installed and your system should be working normally. When not open package manager and search for bw43cutter this is the Windows drivers or inf files for your wireless card. After installing bwf43cutter everything wireless should be working.

There are Many forum Posts about Ndiswrapper but I am using Wireless on an Acer 5310 without Ndiswrapper Installed

Installing Flash Player and Other Essentials

From Screenshots

The next step is to go to package manager and install Ubuntu Tweak which will get you all the extras like Adobe Flash player non free and other things that are not pre supported on Installation that you may need. For to run windows programs you will need Wine which you can also Install from the Package Manager but the Best way to install wine is by Downloading PlayonLinux which will Install Wine for you and quick setup settings for Windows programs like Safari and Windows Media Player for Linux

Also Recommended is VLC because the gnome Media player is not the Greatest and VLC will fix most of the problems with playing Videos in Lubuntu. There are Many other programs that you may wish to install but thesse are the Basics that you will need to Get online and watch Video if you would like to recommend any other programs or just wish to make Improvements on this Article then Leave your Comments below because when I was Searching for how to get the Basics Installed in Lubuntu google would Always give me Answers for Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu but not Lubuntu.

A short Video and More about Lubuntu and Lubuntu Netbook Edition

This is a Brief Description of Lubuntu if you do not know about it or are just Interested in this Distro

You can download the .Xauthority Report for Lubuntu on Acer 5310 from here to view in your Browser window


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