Fixing Chrome Bug Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE):

Here are Some Easy Ways to Fix Error 324 in Google Chrome Browser
What is Error 324 In Google Chrome
When you get the Error message  Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error.
The Chrome Error Message Error 324 just basically means that your computer is being confused by what it is trying to access, This is because your cache is trying to access a page that has changed slightly and your network is trying to display something although quite similar a little different so it’s more of a bug than a problem with your computer or network.

Simple Error 324 Repair Solution
Fixing this Browser Bug is Easy With These 3 different things to Try.

*The first thing to try  is to Go to Options and Clicking reset to Defaults and Refreshing the Page or just press F5 the shortcut key to Refresh the page you are on in Google Chrome.

*The Second way to fix Error  324 is to simply just restart your Chrome Browser.

*Sometimes it can be your Internet Connection causing the error when Browsing sites in chrome so just restart your Internet Connection.

I hope this helps you fix this Problem.

Remember there could be a conflict with some Security Program that you Have installed also clearing the cache can help and if you choose to reset to defaults.

Try to make sure to recheck the Radio button in Advanced Options formerly know as Under the Hood.

49 thoughts on “Fixing Chrome Bug Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE):

    1. Good to know Ray.
      Many times errors like this have an easy solution to fix people thing they need to install software to fix these errors and then end up making more problems on their computer.

  1. got the same issue. when I tried to comment on something online then submit my comment. Got an error 324. and when i use firefox the page will just appear blank.

    1. I know the feeling aljelle This is not your browser it’s an anti spam filter called akismet for the WordPress blogging software they seem to label comments as spam even though they are not.

  2. I’ve had the same problem for days now… since I’ve started using chrome and avast 6 IE. thought it was the firewall but eventually the only thing that gets the job done is deleting the cookies of your browser!

  3. hi i have this problem..whenever i open the facebook website the site wouldn’t open and it says error 324..pls help me find a solution..tnx

  4. yeah anytime i use dailymotion on Chrome i get the Error 324 and when i open the page on Firefox it is just blank. Not sure what to do.

  5. plz help i have the same problem andaccidentaly uninstalled chrome andi cant get it back because i cant connect to the internet, my connection is fine and
    everything is running well buti cant get the internet to work

    1. Have you tried another browser and downloaded chrome again ?. If you have problems connecting you should call your Internet service provider.

  6. If you are using Avira antivirus it can be due to WebGuard, just disable it in the systray icon and your problem will be solved.

  7. im currently working on a public office..
    I have a feeling that they’ve blocked the webiste im visiting everyday.. is there a way to “sneak” back to those sites?

  8. So, after several years of hundreds of people complaining about this error message in dozens of forums- nothing has changed. My computer is virtually useless since I get this message every time I try to access my websites. I have read at least 50 different suggestions for correcting it- none of which have worked for me. Google Chrome continues to pretend that this is not a development flaw- therefore I don’t see it ever being corrected. I am going back to my old browser tomorrow.

    1. Which Browser are you Going to use I have went back to Firefox due to Chromes bookmarking abilities which are none. Chrome just wants you to do what it was designed for to search Google it will even try to force a search term I still get his message but not very often. I tried opera for a while but do not like it on my desktop but do on my mobile.

  9. I got solution for this Issue…If u installed antivirus means first stop the web sheild protection…then start to enjoy browsing…bye…

    1. Thanks for your comment Gopi, It could be depending on which anti virus program you are using, I do not need to use an anti virus program since I use variations of linux but sometimes have this problem you may not know this but linux is free and XP is no longer supported after 2014 ,Anyway even when using windows I dont use anti virus as they take up too much memory I installed this low memory usage antivirus 2012 version on someones computer and they have had no problems since with memory hogging but this is a networking problem and not directly related to windows or anti virus programs.

  10. Ok so I’ve been having this problem with every browser, although I heard an internet rumor that it’s related to Chrome, and that fixing it there will solve it elsewhere. I reset Chrome, did an ipconfig /flushdns, disabled my firewalls, then completely uninstalled Chrome and still nothing has changed. The only thing that worked was surfing through a proxy ( which is totally a band-aid solution, and also a moot point since I can’t reinstall google chrome. Any suggestions? I’m at the end of my rope here.

  11. I get this error with only one website. I’ve tried everything here! The weird thing is, is that it does not work on any of my computers but it works on my phone using the 3g satellites. I’ve used chrome, firefox, safari, explorer, etc and they don’t work. I’ve cleared caches and cookies and history. I’ve reset my router and still can’t access it. What can I do???

  12. I read that I can reset Chrome. But Where? I have looked for two week and still can not find anything that will let me reset the defaults. Help!! Uncle Raggy

    1. Hello Raggy,
      As the Chrome back end interface keeps changing this option is no longer available not in the version I am using Version 23.0.1271.64

  13. well for some reason i cant load facebook apps at all and i have cleared everything possible including , cache,history, and etc. what can i do besides get the stupid error 324 sign that pops up when i try and play games? i really want a reply as soon as possible please help i have allso tried other web browsers! nothing is working

  14. Thanks for the articles it really helps me a lot that error is really irritating specially when i using facebook.. More Power

  15. I was worried that this had something to do with the MYSQL on the server so I’ll now switch to Internet Explorer when working with phpMyAdmin so as not to mess anything up. Thanks.

  16. Well, I have done absolutely everything here, cleaned the berjeebers outa my computer defragged it to pieces, new start point deleted ole ones, cleared cache, cookies, you name it, i’ve done it, even went to advanced things that look greek/geek to me, and tried them. ie9 does it there too. emailed friends on the site they say it’s all good there, im not cooped out of it, emailed the support for them too. How about a NEANDERTHAL fix? Can someone go to that site, sign up, and then set up a proxy system on another server maybe? if you’re gonna ask me have i tried something, im sure the answer is yes.

  17. Another fix is related to whether or not your computer has Internet Download Manager (IDM) installed. If you get “Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.” Try double clicking the icon for IDM on the tray, and under the Downloads-options-general uncheck the “use advanced browser integration” not sure what it turns off, but it fixed the problem for me.

  18. I have been unable to access Facebook with error 324 for 3 days. What I support to do? F5 doesnt work for me. Anw, Thanks for your suggestion :)

  19. here is what worked for my error 324…L



    Change proxy settings

    Connections tab

    select Automatically detect settings

    desect any others



    Exit Settings tab

  20. Baloney. This article doesn’t say anything nor does it give a factual solution. More often than not, a 324 error has nothing to do with Chrome or any other browser – it has to do with the WEB SERVER being overwhelmed with requests of pages. All it takes to bring a site down in this way is a mention on a national TV or radio show… Sites hosted on shared hosting plans will quickly become overwhelmed, run out of bandwidth, and will not be able to return anything to the browser – so they close the connection and that’s that. The “Fix” – is to wait until a million other people are no longer trying to reach the site – and then simply try again.

    1. Hellow Blough Mee,
      Thank you for your comment I believe that, When a server is down it will usually give a status error 503 or 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.The error often happens when trying to access Facebook which is not on a shared hosting service. Plus is refreshing the page not simply trying again ?.Another thing you mentioned is Tv and radio Advertisements for Websites is kinda outdated, Adwords will bring in much more traffic than any TV or Radio Campaign. I find often people will talk on the radio or TV about their websites and most people easily forget the Url.

  21. I had a client get this error. I offered him the advice of refreshing/close his browser or just use another one as its a common Chrome issue. A few days/weeks later he calls me and asks for some the username and password to his WordPress site and then promptly hangs up. I call him back and he lets me know he’s going with another developer. I ask him why and his explanation was that I was “Full of shit”.

    I’m guessing his lack of understanding caused him to misinterpret the entire situation and try to formulate something to another developer based on what the situation was therefor the other developer responded to me being full of shit or not knowing what I was talking about.

  22. I get this error with all web browsers. I was told it could just be an issue with Chrome but I think it’s an issue with the actual server I’m trying to access, cause I get similar errors (not exactly the same, but suspiciously similar) in IE and Firefox.

  23. Hi!
    I get the error 324 in Chrome only when sending data administrator of my WordPress page. With the rest of us have not encountered any problems. With Safari I have no problem, only with Chrome (Macbook Pro 2012). It happens in a few days, when I had a problem of disruption of wireless and lan. After restarting router began to emerge 324 error when accessing WordPress administrator page.
    Thank you!

  24. I recently bought a laptop, and downloaded Google Chrome onto it. Google, Facebook, and a few other sites work, but any links I click on from Google or basically just most websites give me this error message. I have tried refreshing the page, closing Google Chrome and re-opening it, restarting my computer, and restarting my internet connection, with no success. I’m not sure if I just have a firewall blocking it or something. I am going to try deleting my antivirus and downloading a new one. If that doesn’t work I will uninstall Google Chrome and re-download that. Any suggestions to fixing this problem would come in handy.

  25. Another way I solved this (I think, stopped it so far) is to clear the DNS resolver cache. Simply open a command prompt (Start>Search Bar>cmd [Enter]) and type “ipconfig /flushdns”. It will be a good idea to restart the browser afterwards as well.

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