Blog What You Think Not What They Think Is Right

Sometimes you need to mix niches into your content this may sound hard at first but after trying it out for a while you learn that anything can be worked into a blog niche as blogs are

subject to change.Some of the things bloggers try are posting entertainment content and others opinons on current world and local problems depenting on the geo targeting of the blog.

SEO and Blogs

SEO is changing and on a near daily basis there are so many new rules and regulations that they can become near impossible to stay updated with alongside social networking,learning about your blogging software plus writing and administering site content not to mention learning about topics to cover on your blog in the future.

Posting Your Favorite Songs To Your Blog

Music has always been quite important to me but sometimes just like it

Should It Be Linke That

The Ways It Is

can pick you up it can put you down too. Many bloggers post music videos not just to get extra traffic but also to explain their thoughts. And thoughts and ideas are what blogs should be about not just stopping with an end product or affiliation only blog posts.

Facebook is Most People’s First Search Term

Blogs can reach out to the reader in many ways but the whole system of blogging seems to be poisoned. We are told stick with keywords and not to jump out of our niches. Staying within borders is great for niche blogs but the type of content that is being viewed by the masses seems to have changed.I know many that go out and buy phones with browsers just to check their social networking statuses. They will go pay a fortune for gadgets and pay big money to itunes and other monster sites. Trying to get people to a website that is not facebook is not so easy anymore as the big companies close down everywhere selling online. Wallmarkt, itunes, Amazon and co are the competition new Internet entrepreneurs have to compete with. Creating a startup becomes harder as the more these big sites grow the more money they have to put into research making it easy for expansion at a rate that no one person blog or website can compete with..

Big Sites Have Massive Resources

They have the money and resources for developing sites making it seem impossible for new start ups to come up in the markets.Much like the rest of the 1% there are is always restrictions place in front of the other 99 who have little chance of stepping into the market. But the 1% of bloggers is another thing, did you know that 99% of blogs die in the first 3 months. Well the main reason is that they try to become too professional and stick to a hard set of rules that if they follow they can have a break through blog. This was the old thinking and still works to a point but the Internet is really heading towards mobile usage which because monster sites have the resources to develop mobile apps they are reaching out to everyone before you even think of targeting them.

How do you get to visitors before the monstersites do

Start by trying not to promote them if you can nothing is too big to fall or at least tilt a little. I say this as not promoting these sites at all is hard as many bloggers are affiliated with these sites and to pay hosting or give motivation to bloggers affiliations as they earn a little from affiliate sales so if you buy from these blogs the blogger will make some money to pay toward hosting and administering the blog this makes site affiliate promotions somewhat acceptable.

Handling Direct Site Sales

The problem is direct selling online, you may have a genuine product with a valid and secure payment processor but most people believe all sites unless branded are scams and will trick you out of your money. So if you have anything to sell on your site you should do your business through ebay, amazon believe me some people I know are still weary about inputing credit card information on validated google checkout sites because the other sites have people so brainwashed that every site will trick you out of money, So websites have to use buy this via paypal, buy it on ebay and download through the app store.


Music For thought on Blogs.

Anyway back to the music as it has been proven to effect peoples thoughts this is a remix of Run Dmcs It’s like that

The song when it originally came out was the way of the world then a couple of years later someone put new beats in and make some money with someone else’s words.Simply by putting in a few dancers and a better song promotional video resulting it becoming more popular than the original. At the time it seemed great but why do we make these guy’s rich because they put negative thought in our minds. The lyrics of the song to say it was targeted at young people from then disadvantaged backgrounds most of them still disadvantaged¬† was sort of too negative. It’s telling you to obey the rules your teacher was right and the old days were better. I think myself ,No there was no such thing as the Good old days here is an example just say the oldest man any of you know was 100 years old so lets see the top events of the decades of his life were.

  • 1910′s World War 1
  • 1920′s The Great Depression
  • 1930′s The Rise of the Nazi’s and Beginning of WW2 and worse the Bankers
  • 1940′s more WW2 and People living on Rations
  • 1950′s The Korean War
  • 1960′s Vietnam
  • 1970′s Russians in Afghanistan
  • 1980′s The Cold War
  • 1990′s The Gulf War Pilot Episode
  • 2000′s The Almost All New Gulf War
  • 2010′s Well as you can see this decade has much to live up to and I guess the top story of the decade will be another war, And as 2012 approaches we are all going to die so do not care about your future this is what someone wants people to think anyway. So we give up and say that nothing will change and now the end is coming well you could think like that and in 2013 be kicking yourself because you thought all this was going to happen.

It does not have to be always the way it is forever. Rules are made to be broken and people and technology change sometimes at a rate that they become impossible to follow. You have to do this and that but never say how you feel unless you are the owner of a domain name that has your thoughts keyword in it’s title. Stay afraid of blogging what you think unless you have paid a register to say it is the message that seems to be repeated around the blogosphere. Even if you have to break some rules on your website to make it future friendly.

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