Basic Twitter Guide

Getting more Followers on Twitter

We all want to get some feedback from twitter but just tweeting your own post gets you nowhere conversation is the key to getting retweets and more followers.When I stoped Autotweeting my followers went up a little but when I started talking to people on Twitter I was getting more and more followers.

Twitter is a source for Information

Just because someone follows you don’t think that you need to follow them back because twitter is a valuable information source and if you are getting information on things that do not interest you then the chances of being more productive with your time on twitter are lowered.Think of Twitter as more of a RSS Reader and not just a social networking site.

Blending Retweets Conversation and your Own Tweets

Retweeting your followers is also a good thing to do but if their niche does not fit your followers then at least say thanks for the Retweet. Another problem is that many people retweet too much and their tweets have very little power because if you have a nice mix of tweets retweets and conversation the people will know that you are not just retweeting everyone and they will take more notice of your tweets.

Just be Social and Watch

When someone asks a question be ready to give them an Answer even use twitter search to find people that have problems or questions related to the Answers in your blog Articles just do a search for “How do I your keyword” you will be surprised how much target visitors you could get using Twitter Search.

Using Twitter Tools

Online Aps like Hootsuite are a great way to monitor and manage multiple twitter accounts. As a blogger you will probbly need a proffesional and personlal twitter account then there are also programs like tweetdeck and many others you may like to try.

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